"Liz Whitney is an outstanding vocal instructor.  Her knowledge of vocal music, music theory, and vocal performance is strong.  But what makes Liz stand out in the world of vocal music instruction is her ability to meet students where they are and help them progress. I came to the studio with a strong foundation in music but with no vocal training.  Liz has taught me to sing by teaching me about using my voice as an instrument. Body Mapping is a powerful technique that Liz used to help me progress rapidly. Along with using innovative teaching techniques and designing engaging lessons, Liz has the most amazing gift of always being able to find music that fits my voice and singing level. Liz has proven to be a versatile teacher -- she has coached me on pronunciation of other languages and vocal styles used in a range of musical genres." - Dr. Lisa L., student


Musical Theatre

Skylark Voice Studio



Elizabeth Whitney, M.M.

    soprano, voice teacher, actor