I received my Masters Degree in Music with a Vocal Performance Concentration from the University of Northern Colorado in 2006 and have since owned and operated a thriving voice studio as have performed all over the country.

My teaching, as well as my own singing, places an emphasis on Body Mapping, which is the study of the mental representation of the body's size, structure and function. I am deeply inspired by Body Mapping because it teaches singers to become educated about and think independently about their bodies and voices and helps singers avoid injury.  For more information on Body Mapping, I encourage you to visit http://bodymap.org and to read the book What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body​ by Melissa Malde, Mary Jean Allen, and Kurt-Alexander Keller.

In my studio, I teach a wide variety of genres, but place an emphasis on musical theater repertoire as I feel that it is simultaneously accessible and constructive in the teaching of vocal technique.  In addition to working on technique, sight reading, learning theory, refining stage presence, combating performance anxiety, and learning new music, I hold two annual recitals, prepare student for various competitions, including the NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) annual competition and All State Choir auditions.  When the time comes, I work with students to prepare them for their college vocal program auditions.

Currently, I am performing in the Bay Area.  I primarily perform at clubs/restaurants, fund-raisers, private events, corporate parties, and retirement communities, and weddings.  I love to bring students to these events when possible!

"Studying with Liz was easily the best decision I've ever made. Without her, there would be no way I would have been able to successfully audition for colleges and perform well at competitions.  She worked with me to polish my pieces, and her emphasis on finding the emotion and feeling in songs in any genre helped me to grow tremendously not only as a singer, but as a performer. She is encouraging, supportive, and very knowledgeable about not only vocal music, but the theory behind it.  She is professional but warm, and always seeks to pull out the best in her students. She's a truly wonderful instructor, and I am infinitely grateful to have been taught by her.  I will always keep the lessons she taught me in my mind, and her guidance in my discovery of what I'm capable as a vocalist close to my heart." - Emily C., student 

About Me:

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